Melanie is a highly dedicated, enthusiastic, and empathetic leader who is a passionate mental health advocate.  She considers it a privilege to work as a residential Care Support Worker and Outreach Volunteer at SafeHope Home. Melanie uses a trauma-informed lens, and a strength-based and collaborative approach to build and maintain trusting relationships with the women at SafeHope Home.

She is currently completing her MDiv in Clinical Counselling at Tyndale University and seeks to specialize in trauma, addiction, and attachment disorders in her future as a psychotherapist. She has a BA in Biblical Studies and Theology and incorporates her faith into every aspect of her life.

She has an extensive background working and volunteering in therapeutic, academic, religious, and business organizations. She has previous experience working with at-risk youth and survivors of human trafficking from her trip to Calcutta, India in 2013 when she volunteered with the non-profit organization, Jewels in a Crown. During her pastoral ministry internship at Sanctus Church during her undergrad, she spent time regularly meeting with individuals from the local community who were seeking financial, emotional, and spiritual support and offered them resources in form of prayer, encouragement and financial assistance. She continued volunteering her time after her internship ended. Her time volunteering as Care Minister for Sanctus Church enabled her to act as a short-term care provider who equipped, connected, and referred individuals with resources to individuals in the church community in their time of need. Her experience facilitating Alpha during COVID-19 in 2020 enabled Melanie to create a safe, trusting, and non-judgmental environment where seekers, sceptics, and believers of the Christian faith can meet to learn and discuss questions pertaining to life and faith. She uses a loving and non-judgemental approach in each area of her life.

She is trained in Mental Health First Aid, First Aid and CPR, Initial Crisis Intervention and Non-Violent Crisis Prevention, Online Training Initiative Addressing Human Trafficking, and Childhood Trauma.

Melanie resides in Oshawa, Ontario with her husband and fur-baby whom she loves to hike with.