Jasmine De Fina

Jasmine De Fina is a Human Trafficking Consultant, advocate, and the Executive Director of SafeHope Home.

Jasmine is a recognized expert in human trafficking and has significant experience educating frontline workers, government leaders, the court system, law enforcement, community agencies, and the public to provide insight into the issue of human trafficking and information on how to better understand, support, and work with survivors.

Jasmine is a survivor. With the support of Natasha Falle and Bridget Perrier, Jasmine turned her own story and experiences into a fulfilling career as a human trafficking expert, advocate, and community leader. She has worked as a National Advocate supporting the implementation of Bill c36 and as a member of Victim Services of York Region, where she developed the internal Human Trafficking Response program. She also served as a peer mentor providing support to other survivors and to teams of Crisis Intervention Counsellors. She is also contracted by the provincial government to lead Maya Chacaby’s Indigenous cultural competency training and Jen Richardson and Jane Runners’ Sexually Exploited Youth Training. Jasmine is also a sought-after public speaker and is regularly engaged as an expert panellist and has been featured on CBC News, Global News, The Toronto Star, Radio, and many other platforms.

Jasmine has been working with SafeHope Home since 2018, first in the role of guest speaker, then Peer Mentor and Program Manager. She was invited to serve as the interim Executive Director in April 2022 before formally accepting the role of Executive Director in August 2022.

Jasmine identifies as a person of mixed heritage with M├ętis, French, Irish, and Scottish ancestry and roots in Northern Ontario and Quebec. Like many Indigenous people on Turtle Island her heritage is a result of the complicated and traumatic history of colonization, and helps fuel her passion for this work.

Jasmine is also a proud mother of two daughters and two puppies.