NRPS Human Trafficking Unit Investigation Leads to the Arrest of a Toronto Area Woman
Source: Niagara Regional Police Service, April 25th

Ontario Releases a New and Comprehensive Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking
Source: Office of the Premier for, Mar. 6th

Do anti-human trafficking laws increase risk?
Source: Ryan Shanks for Men Ending Trafficking, Mar. 6th

‘We’re so isolated’: Human trafficking survivors often burdened with debt, financial fraud
Source: Talia Ricci for, Feb. 22nd


Ontario Advances National Conversation to Fight Human Trafficking
Source: Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services for, Dec. 4th

Human Trafficking: A Supply and Demand Problem
Source: Ryan Shanks for Men Ending Trafficking, Oct. 31st

Does Legalizing Prostitution make things better or worse?
Source: Ryan Shanks for Men Ending Trafficking, Sept. 24th

‘I thought I was going to die’: Ontario survivor of human trafficking speaks out
Source: Christy Somos for CTV News, June 11th


Strengthening Ontario’s Human Trafficking Laws
Source: Ministry of the Status of Women for Feb. 22
Source: John Cassells of SIM, Feb. 8th


Ontario’s first anti-human trafficking director brings first-hand experience to the job
Source: Tavia Grant for The Globe and Mail, Dec. 26th

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