Headshot of Alyssa Black-Hill

Alyssa Black-Hill

Alyssa is a dedicated and passionate trauma advocate and professional. Alyssa works as SafeHope‚Äôs Care Staff Team Lead, supporting the home’s staff and participants.

Alyssa has two BAs, one in Psychology and one in Forensic Psychology. Alyssa is also currently studying Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University.

Alyssa is working towards becoming a psychotherapist specializing in human trafficking, domestic violence and child abuse. Alyssa has training/education on crisis response, working with survivors of human trafficking, working with sexual violence victims, domestic violence risk and assessment, mental health first aid, working with child victims of sexual abuse, eating disorders and working with youth in the system.

Alyssa uses her professional and personal experience to support those in need using a trauma-informed and survivor-informed lens. Alyssa also provides advocacy through her social media platforms, educating others and bringing awareness to these topics.

Alyssa finds peace and comfort in self-care practices such as reading, spa trips, walks, and music.