Trigger Warning: Drug Use

Wonderful Wishes My Intelligently Bright Warriors: 

Goals. Dreams. Hopes. Aspirations. Fulfillment. Success. Accomplishment. Excel. Surpass. 

All that which we have in our purpose come to prevail. 

During times of ultimate trauma we often find ourselves that to set goals is difficult, due to the sheer lack of hope, that we have been brow-beaten into submission to losing.  



We dream all the time. 

We dream of the life we wish we could have. 

We dream of the life we wish we could have until the trauma… or the dope… or both … takes our soul away completely… 

And then…

We dream of how we wish we could end our lives. 


My Warriors as you walk strong keep dreaming!! 

Today, I am sharing with you part of my dream. 

I have always dreamed of being a best-selling author. 

I had an amazing idea one night after meditating. 

My Miraculous Moths, Fantastic Fairies, Beautiful Butterflies, and all my other favourite characters that are here with me… 

I present a portion of the 

First Chapter 
the original work of
Angel Warrior 1Thousand 

The MethWatchers 


She watched the smoke disappear after Amadeus’ random ‘self-removal’ from the Palaver. She could smell him in the air. Faint waifs of nicotine, deep blue affection, red long existence, cinnamon, and lumber. Intoxicating. Her sense of smell was heightened when she was created, then heightened again, when she was discovered by the Evil Spirit in Rome, and given the Magic Crystals. 

Looking around making sure no eyes were on her, she took a small sample of Amadeus’ scent, put it in an energy bag then in her pocket, and left the Lyceum. She needed to ponder the statement he had made during share time. It had been quite clear Amadeus had been in the same place as she. At least, in his head. 


Returning to the wing where her room was located in the facility, she finally managed to escape from the noise of the other patients incessantly trying to figure out who had the most powerful divination and the most effective Ki. 

Personally, she didn’t care. They were all off their Essence Elements, they were all really the same now: unmarked souls on borrowed time waiting to be found. Then marked forever with a black or red feather. Never to see the light again. 

She sat on her bed. Looked around. She was quite happy here. This room was so much better than the other place she had been living in for the past several years. This room was pretty. This room was comfy. This room was safe. This room was all hers. She was quite, quite happy here. 

She loved her room. 

Chocolate Cosmos decorated the edge of the room, keeping her room scented sweet of chocolate and vanilla, while Kadapul flowers were perfectly arranged around her floating canopy double king-size bed, blooming only at night, they helped keep Bad Spirits away while she slept. 

Her walls shone soft mellow  Ninoododadiwin light at all times, keeping her soul in perfect harmony. There was never dark. She had requested several times for her Pressure-Light, but they assured her the facility had several backup plans and systems for any situation where it might be in need of assistance with the lights. She hoped so. She did not want to find herself alone in the dark, locked in her room, without her Pressure-Light, and no Essence Elements. Just the thought, made her start to panic. Her eyes fuzzing in and out. Black spots. Feeling weak. Knees too weak… 


The prick in her left arm was what woke her up. 

Her head was throbbing. Her neck was aching. Her eyes felt glued shut. Her mouth felt as though she had eaten sandpaper. She didn’t know where she was. Another prick. Her eyes popped open. A very handsome Fixaller stood above her, extremely long needle in hand, and a very grim face on. 

“You’ll need another Essential Element mixture tomorrow, but you should be fine. Looks like you might have just been low on some important nutrients. Perhaps the light energy isn’t enough for your system. We may need to use this intravenous energy for the time being.” The Fixaller stated without actually ever looking at her. “The headache, neck ache, dry mouth, and eyes, will all go away in a few hours and you should feel back to your old self.” Finally, his eyes met hers. He seemed startled, then calmed. A small smile appeared before he stated: “You take care of yourself. I’ll see you tomorrow. 

Giminadan Gagiginonshiwan.”It was nice talking to you too.” She politely replied as she gathered herself and left the Fixaller’s office.

Amadeus lay on his four-poster bed, gently swinging back and forth, 10 feet in the air. His bed was probably the place he felt safest in this “safe place”. All of the patients had double king-sized, handmade red cedar bark wooden beds carved with protective birds, animals, and plants; either, four poster or canopy, topped with the most perfect mattress of pure oxygen, rainwater, and black sage. 

His thoughts on overdrive, his heart still racing, and his leg bouncing up and down continuously, he wiped away tiny beads of sweat that formed above his upper lip, he wiped it away again, for it to form again. Frustrated,  Amadeus told his bed to lower. 

His thoughts running rampant were creating an overture of anarchy inside his already aching head. Resting his bare feet on the braided sweetgrass flooring, he tried gaining composure over his own mind, something not easily done without his Magic Crystals. 

Switching the oxygen switch to on, there was a small hiss then silence again, but he could already smell and taste the difference in the airflow; within a few seconds, the oxygen had cleared Amadeus’ thoughts completely. One last large deep breath before he turned it down to low, getting up to leave, he realized his hat was on the other side of the room. 

As he turned to reach for it, caught in his peripheral vision, a large hunched shadow leaping from the shadows behind the bathroom door, just to the right of him, into the main room… behind him. 

Amadeus reacted instinctively, immediately, and purposefully. Taking calculated steps forward, he intensified the harmony and love energy within himself to as high a level as he could, reverberating the light from the energy from his eyes, he turned towards where the shadow would have been… nothing. 

There was only the mellow Ninoododadiwin light that should have been there. Amadeus scanned the room. There was not one shadow anywhere. He searched the bathroom. Again not one shadow. 

His hands shook as he opened the door to go have a dart. 


She sat on the same purple and white mushroom she had earlier. During Integration Hours their wings were locked down forcing them to interact with the other patients. She usually found a place to sit by herself. She had been counting the sunrises, three weeks had passed since her arrival, and she didn’t feel welcome. She was out of place. As an Addrokkei, she was always out of place. Other Addrokkei’s could fit in. Some Addrokkei’s could go their entire existence without being known as an Addrokkei; they could be mistaken as a Methoddict; or, even, a Reasonable. 

 She would always be seen as an Addrokkei. She was ashamed. She had been a Reasonable once. Never again. These thoughts started to pierce her head the same as a scorpion, over and over. 

She reached into her pocket, pulling out the small black leather energy bag. Pressing in on her heart area, she slowly pulled open the top of the bag, inhaling, & pushing on her heart. 

Smoke slowly seeped from the bag. She inhaled deeply, smelling all the vapours that would be so intensely pleasant for her, and she warmed her heart at the same time. She hoped by increasing her pleasure and emotional energy the Essence Elements that the Fixaller shot into her would begin to activate. 

She felt Amadeus’ deep affection all around her filling her with warmth; she could sense security from a long, long existence from tingles all over her body; the scent of cinnamon, her favourite scent, she remembered back to her childhood. Her eyes closed, her thoughts centred on positive feelings and emotions… 

A large thud of the door opening and closing again scares her into almost dropping her energy bag. 
Opening her eyes, she sees Amadeus standing just feet from her. She swallows nervously. Quickly closing her bag hoping he hadn’t noticed the scent, or wouldn’t ask about it. 

He doesn’t say anything at all. He walks to a completely orange mushroom just to the left of her and sits. He still doesn’t speak. He isn’t even looking at her. 

She is staring at him. His scent spreading through her whole body. His words from the Palaver running on repeat through her mind. To her, he is absolutely beautiful. 

She starts to see silvery sparks at the edges of her eyes. Her breathing becomes lighter and easier. She feels weightless. Every thought now is exactly the one she needs.

“You’re amazing.” She says to him. The Essence Elements now working within her system. 

Looking up at her from under his black hat, his eyes almost black, he smiles slightly before he says: 
“What’s your name?”



But when people say, 

        Did you always want to be a writer?

  I have to say no!

         I always was a writer!”

                        ~ URSULA Le GUIN