Hello My Fellow Warriors

Endings. The word itself is a hard word to say and to hear. It brings on feelings of unease and uncertainty. It brings on anxiety and fears of the unknown. The unknown is a fear that we all have to face in our lives.

I am now finalizing my stay in a rehabilitation facility with a sobriety date of 6 months. While I am excited about the next stage of my life, the end of this chapter is very much a reminder of how important it is to be present when living our lives. The time seems to have flown by.

I have learned so much during this process of my journey of recovery that I am now in a position to be able to continue to work on myself as a person who has been in a very challenging situation and has made a very strong commitment to my own change.

Endings often come with challenges that are difficult to overcome but they can also lead to a lot of great things that will help us in our journey to recovery as we continue to progress through our lives. The best part of our mission in recovery is helping ourselves through our struggles with the trauma that has been inflicted upon our lives and the struggles that we face. I have a very strong belief that the world has changed in a positive direction for the future of humanity as a whole as a result of the work that we’ve been putting in together as a society for the most successful results in our history of humanity.

Have faith. Keep hoping. Continue to love. Spread your wings. Speak your truth. The world needs more people like us who have been through the worst of the worst and have been able to live on and better ourselves for the better of our own lives because we are made up of scars, beliefs, and values. We have a great deal of trust within us that we have had to work for over the past in order to overcome our problems and we are now able to help others. We are WARRIORS with others walking the paths we created.


Always Got Your Back
Angel Warrior 1Thousand